Ecological Systems

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Ecological Systems

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This paper aims to describe ecosystems, it their uses in the modern human society. It shall also strive to explain the impact a disturbed or loss of an ecosystem might have on a singular or particular business organization.

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Ecosystem Services4

Worth of Ecosystem services4

Advantages of Ecosystems to Businesses6

Effect of loss of ecosystem services on an organization6


Ecosystem Services


The processes through which nature or environment creates natural resources that are mostly taken for granted by human beings for instance timber, clean water, pollination of agricultural and plants and habitats for fisheries, etc is called Ecosystem Services. Regardless of where the place is considered, in a rural area or city, the humans are dependent on the fruits of the ecosystem for the creation and delivery of their daily lives' services and goods.


The natural ecosystem refers to a whole community of natural flora and fauna interacting with each other and the environment which they live in. Ecosystems are inclusive of chemical and physical proponents like nutrients, soil and water all of which are responsible for the supporting multitudes of the organisms that live in them. The said dependent organisms include anything from huge fauna and flora to microscopic unicellular organisms.

Ecosystems encompass all these living entities and their interactions with each other in a single environment or habitat. Even the human beings are a part of the natural ecosystems. The well being and the health of the humanity is dependent on the services that are provided by the mother nature through her ecosystems and their proponents for instance soil, organisms, nutrients and water.


Ecosystem Services

One doesn't even imagine that the smallest of the things which they use in their everyday life is brought to them via the courtesy of nature. For instance, the morning breakfast cereal is made by the wind, or the cold, clean and clear glass of water one drinks at home had been purified by the roots of a whole forest or a wetland. The trees which are present in the lawns or front yards of all the people don't just serve as ornaments, they help in trapping dirt, dust and distilling carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the air. The firewood chopped from the oak tree burnt on cold winter nights to provide one with warmth and even medicines taken in order to ease the pain of any illness or diseases are provided courtesy of Mother Nature.

Such ecosystems are responsible for performing integral life-sustaining services that are harnessed by mankind and form the foundation for the whole civilization. So if special care and consideration isn't given to these precious resources and the activities of humans are not planned, managed and limited in a proper fashion, inevitably it will lead to the complete annihilation of such natural warehouses.

Worth of Ecosystem services

The aforementioned and many more natural ecosystems created by the harmonious interaction of a countless animals and plants are responsible for furnishing the human being with countless of services that would be arduous if not impossible to ...
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