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Plant and Animals within the Ecosystem of Wheat Production Interact

Plant and Animals within the Ecosystem of Wheat Production Interact


Increased yield from intensification of wheat, rice, and maize systems contributed 79-96% of the total increase in the global supply of wheat, rice, and maize since 1967. Although wheat area has remained relatively constant, total maize area increased by 30 million hectares (ha), which is 12% greater than the total USA maize area in 2007. (EPA, 2008)

An important question is how much additional cereal production will be required. The International Model for Policy Analysis of Agricultural Commodities and Trade (IMPACT) is one of several econometric models used to estimate future food demand based on population and economic growth rates as well as other factors that influence supply and demand. Extrapolating these rates of increase from 1997 to 2027 gives estimates for wheat, rice, and maize demand of 882, 827, and 916 million metric tons, respectively. Hence, cereal production increases during the next 30 years of 44% for wheat, 43% for rice, and 56% for maize provide reasonable targets for researchers concerned with the factors governing global food supply capacity.

The greatest opportunities for sustained yield increases from further intensification are found in irrigated and favorable rain-fed systems where present average farm yields are less than 70% of yield potential. Soil quality, like yield potential, is an elusive concept that is difficult to define and measure. Definitions of soil quality in recent literature stress the capacity to support biological productivity, maintain environmental quality, and promote plant and animal health.

Elevated Co2 Levels Effect The Insects, Plants And Animals In This Biosphere

The biosphere is the region of the earth that encompasses all living organisms: plants, animals and bacteria. Concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other trace gases have been increasing in the atmosphere due to human ...
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