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Education has come a long way from being just what father or other family members deemed important for living life and teaching their children. The schools system was introduced during the World War Period and after that it has gained popularity. Now there are millions of schools operating worldwide.


There are many kinds of schools operating nowadays. Some of which include

Community schools

Community schools are governed by local authorities.

Foundation and Trust schools

Foundation schools are governed by their ruling bodies.

Voluntary-aided schools

These kinds of schools are known as faith or religious schools and are free for everyone to apply.

Voluntary-controlled schools

These schools resemble the voluntary aided school; however they are governed by local authority.


They are separately managed schools and are created by sponsors from voluntary, business and faiths that collaborate with Department for Education or (DfE).

City Technology Colleges

These schools are managed independently and do not charge any fees from their students. Mostly they are found in urban areas and admit older children from 11-18.

Community and foundation special schools

Special schools are responsible for looking after children who have 'special needs' like disabilities or difficulties in learning.

Faith schools

They run mostly just like the normal state schools, but their religious orientation or faith can be seen in their staff policy, curriculums and admission criteria.

Grammar schools

They accept all their students based on their academic abilities.

Maintained boarding schools

The schools promote free education but still charge fees for lodgings and boarding.

Independent schools

In England alone, there are roughly more than 2,000 independent schools that are in operation currently. Their admission policies and curriculum are set by the schools themselves and the parents pay the fees from their own incomes.

All independent schools are required to register themselves in the Department for Education, which is responsible for the maintenance of standards that are present in the registration document.

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