Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Personal Philosophy Of education

Personal Philosophy Of education

“To instruct someone... is not a matter of getting him to commit results to mind. Rather, it is to teach him to participate in the process that makes possible the establishment of knowledge. We teach a subject not to produce little living libraries on that subject, but rather to get a student to think mathematically for himself, to consider matters as an historian does, to take part in the process of knowledge-getting. Knowing is a process not a product.” (Bruner 72)


Teaching is a very respectable profession and a very responsible job too. A teacher can predict the future of the country by observing his/her students. Therefore it is the duty of teacher to teach in a very good manner specially when the student is not performing well.

Thesis Statement

“Low parent education & poor performance in class are the 2 key factors that affect student's attitude towards education”

My Personal Philosophy

My personal philosophy of education has kept changing throughout my life. Though I do not see this as a negative thing, because I believe that a teacher's philosophy of education should always keep evolving and teachers should always keep learning new methods of teaching that can help facilitate learning in the classroom. I do the same. But my core element of teaching remains Student Centered One. Student centered teaching keeps students' active in class; the power primarily is with the students and have the power to choose topics and activities. With this students get more motivated and pay more attention towards understanding the importance of education.

I want to teach high school and college level Mathematics and English because these 2 are my favorite subjects and I have expertise on both as well. That is why I can transfer in-depth knowledge on both the subjects. Another reason because of which I see the importance of these 2 subjects is that both of these subjects are foundation for a student's future and will help a child throughout his life. Mathematics increases your logical and analytical skills. Whereas we know communication skill is so important these days and is a prerequisite for every job. Nowadays every job requires people having the ability to portray their analytical skills in their work as having analytical approach is always positive for business.

Purpose of Education

I believe the overall purpose of education is to provide the building blocks for change. This change can be financial, intellectual, social or just a simple change in level of knowledge, skill or attitude. SO education is all about change and how you can positively apply change. Education is always beneficial; however it must have some purpose beyond itself. Is you ask the people the purpose of education you may get similar answers. But if you ask 100 people that why do schools exist, you will find 100 different answers. Most common answer is that schools exist to develop workforce for the economy. This ideology should change because schools do not exist to train work ...
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