Personal Philosophy Of Education Paper

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Personal Philosophy of Education Paper

Personal Philosophy of Education Paper

Thesis statement

Life-long learning is an active and deliberate process; Learning is a life- long experience that creates the basis for who we are as people and individuals learn best when given the opportunity to interact.


Young children are amazing examples of learning because on a daily basis their understanding of the world grows immensely. In teaching individuals to learn they learn best when given the opportunity to interact with their environment. Education is the master key to knowledge, freedom, and self-determination. Teachers have the power to support, encourage, and guide children through their years in school. (Beckner, 2004, 22) In educating our youth everyone plays a significant role in their success. The administration, teachers, and the parents, all contribute to the development of learning. A reflective practitioner is anyone involved in the teaching process. As a teacher one should provide carefully constructed learning activities to motivate students to learn, provide an environment for students to meet course objectives, provide an opportunity for students to discuss and integrate knowledge into "real life" situations, and to assist learners to work collaboratively to learn from each other most effectively. Students learn in many ways and it is the job of the teacher to provide them with creative, innovative and motivating varieties of teaching methods. Teachers can be the best role models in a child's life, perhaps the only role model. The role of being a positive influence in a child's life can only happen if the teacher realizes what it takes to be a role model and what kind of actions are acceptable when around children. Young children like to imitate what they see, and so modeling good behavior and expectations is the best way to get a child to cooperate in the manner in which the teacher would like. A child's mind is like a blank slate waiting to be filled with knowledge and information. With the use of technology learning can be achieved at greater levels. (Beckner, 2004, 22)

Technology integration is a modern way to incorporate technology with learning in the classroom, which not only engages students in learning, but it is also a great tool for teachers in helping them keep their student's focused and communicating with each other. As technology becomes more powerful our knowledge and learning grows more powerful. Technology can actually assist with some of these expectations and make teachers and their students more successful. Educational technologies are learning tools that can increase virtually all students' learning opportunities. Teachers and students will be able to use computers and other electronic technologies in ways that increase student learning, motivation, personal productivity, and creativity. Along with a great instructional environment, highly qualified teachers, eager to learn students, and integrated use of technology learning will continue to be a life-long process.

My Personal Philosophy of Education

Someone's philosophy is how they, themselves, interpret, feel, and speak about a specific topic. A philosophy cannot be wrong, nor can it be right, in ...
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