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I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream


The passage is going to be judged based on 5 perspectives. In order to analyze the passage effectively it is necessary to define them.

Repetition: When words are said to be repeated in a sentence giving it an awkward position.

Synonyms: Having words in a sentence that tend to have the same meaning

Super ordinate: An umbrella term that describes all words belonging to it. For instance, lorries, motorcycles and cars can be classified into Vehicles

General Word: General word is a word that tends to summarize and give one word to words belonging to one category

Collocation: A word that is used to describe everything that is associated with the nature of the Collocated word.

Analysis of the passage

First Paragraph

In the very first line of the passage the word 'History' is repeated twice. The first line is also said to have a synonym where it specifically says 'I am happy to join with you'. Join and with you mean the same thing. Second line has a collocation where it says 'Five score years ago'. Synonym was again used to describe the emancipation where it described emancipation as a 'great beacon of light' and then it was again used to describe it as 'daybreak'. The last two lines of the paragraph where it describes the instance when it was declared that the emancipation proclamation has been signed, it was then that the happiness was written in terms of the news being 'a beacon of light' and the never ending wait of being released from long captivity is over. In this phrase general words could have been used to describe the happiness such as the darker days are over or black people have been released from the clasp of discrimination because the current phrase is very wordy however it communicates the ...
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