Effect Of Two Different Types Of Therapy (Standard Land Based Endurance Exercise Versus Pool Based Exercise)

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Effect of Two Different Types of Therapy (Standard Land Based Endurance Exercise versus Pool Based Exercise)



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1.1 Background of the Study1

1.2 Significance1

1.3 Osteoarthritis2

1.4 Possibilities for Improving Physical Fitness3

1.5 Some Types of Exercise for Patients with Osteoarthritis4

1.6 Coronary Health Disease4

1.7 Exercises for Cardiac Patients4

1.8 Research Objective6

1.9 Problem Statement6

1.10 Research Question6

1.11 Hypothesis7


2.1 Research Methodology8

2.2 Research Design10

2.3 Justification of the Methodology11

2.4 Justifying the Research Question11

2.5 Search Technique11

2.6 Literature Search12

2.7 Inclusion and exclusion criteria13

2.8 Participants13

2.9 Independent variable13

2.10 Dependent Variables14

2.11 Coding14

2.12 Data Analysis16

2.13 Sampling16

2.14 Strengths and Weaknesses of the Sampling Technique Used16

2.15 Search Rationale17


Table 1: Pre and Post Pain on the 10cm VAS Therapy18

Table 2: Pre and post Maximal Oxygen Consumption Measured by a Maximal Treadmill Stress18

Table 3: Correlations among Groups and Pre and Post VO219

Table 4: Chi-Square Test for Pre pain20

Table 5: Chi Square Test for Post pain20

Table 6: Chi Square Test for Pre vo220

Table 7 Chi Square Test for Post vo221

Table 8 Descriptive Statistics21


4.1 Test of independence (Chi-square)22

4.2 Correlation22

4.3 Interpretation22

4.4 Analysis24



1.1 Background of the Study

In the past fifty years, numerous studies have been dedicated to the health issues. Different researches have investigated the link between health of a human being and his physical activities. All of these studies have concluded that exercise and physical activity of a person has chief positive impact on his health, prevention from disease, rehabilitation of person with disabilities and chronic care. Thus, public health agencies and regimes have made different policies and proposals in order to encourage and sustain good health and active lifestyle of people. Moreover, numerous professional organizations also have included exercise as a vital element of different rehabilitative and therapeutic protocols.

1.2 Significance

Most of the people do not recognize the importance of exercise. There are many factors for degradation of health in people today. Due to luxurious life many people are very inactive today. Cars, lifts, moving stairs, and labor saving machineries have made humans lazy. Energy input is greater than energy output which causes weigh gain and obesity. It is very important to maintain health throughout life because laziness and greater food intake causes problems such as obesity, heart diseases, arthritis and etc later in life. Exercise means increased physical activity than normal daily life.

Daily exercise practices helps in decreasing cholesterol level and strengthening the heart muscles which reduce the chances of strokes and heart attacks. Exercise also helps in lower blood pressure by improving ...
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