Effective Communication

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Effective Communication

Effective Communication


These key strategies are very useful to introduced an effective communication in an organization, these are concise on the rule that whatever is communicated in the organization it should be clear enough (choose simple and easy words), be assured about the communicated speech, should be approved means everyone has same official information, should be understandable and comprehensible and in the end make a transparent positive relationship between communicator and communicate. If there is a lacking or gap between communications it may key cause of misunderstanding among the employee as well employer which may lead severe conflict in an organization (Ghebre, 2008).


Objectives are necessary in life for setting a direction for the career / personal development. Setting goals for the future do not only define the path to move on but on the other hand it helps in effectively managing time to achieve certain goals in allocated period of time. It has been recorded in several studies that people who set goals for the future are able to achieve those goals. (Mc Conkey & Collins, 2010) There are different times when an individual needs to set goals like a student want to set goals in which subject s/he is willing to pursue advanced studies, or an entrepreneur want to set goals where s/he wants t o see his/her organization after a limited period of time. Goals setting are also crucial for countries as different state set goals for the future and make policies in order to achieve those goals. Setting and achieving goals is also a fundamental component in healthcare sector in particular for managers in the sector (Bennett, 2011).

Professional goal

I would like to be part of your company, I am in search of a part-time job that allows me to continue my studies in Computer Engineering at the University, I am in the last cycle, and my aspiration is to develop both professionally and personally assigned tasks. I have a desire to learn and adapt to labor demands of various in doles and I am very entrepreneurial and I like perfection every time. I have knowledge of English, French, German, excellent knowledge of Office package, internet, outlook express and various tools. It is my desire to join their prestigious company, in an area basically carried out interpersonal relationships, dealing with clients, providing care to them, since my previous works were largely based on it. Anyway I am able to face new challenges to achieve goals that involve personal and professional growth (Peter, 2011).

Personal goal

Working together with the family will help us to achieve our goals such as encouraging my family members to take an initiative for achieving any goal they desire to achieve in their life. The benefits that I will receive by reaching this goal are enhanced skills, greater ability to handle situations, and stronger bond with my family. The obstacles that I need to overcome for reaching this goal is to forget any differences or grudges between family members, and to support ...
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