Importance Of Effective Communication For A Nurse

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Importance of Effective Communication for a Nurse

Importance of effective communication for a nurse

Communication between Nurse and Patient


The communication is the transmission of information among or between people. The practice of nursing utilizes constant communication between the nurse and the patient. It is essential to know the key components of the communication process that is how to improve communication skills, and the ways to make it effective. With the ability to communicate effectively, the importance of communication should be known.

Importance of Effective Communication

When the patients are receiving the professional treatment, it is an uncomfortable experience for them because they do not completely know what is going on. As an individual, a person knows more about him or her than anyone else. It is very rare that another person tell something about him which is not already known to him. Now, however the person find himself in such situation that is an exception to the rule then the factor of believe comes. (Leenerts, Teel, 2006). The patients believe that an authoritative position, expertise and accessibility to his or her health records would make the professionals know more than he or she knows about them. As a result, when the nurse speaks they listen and remember a lot what they say. They are eager to find out as much as they know, in this way they feel more secure and comfortable. Not only the words are important but how these words are being said and what is being done while saying those words is equally important. If the information remained withhold, they may feel like an insecure child, who feel fear. If the things are done without any input from the patient, or if the patients are taken as for granted, they fell depressed, more sick and powerless. (Mok, Chiu, 2004)

Patient Satisfaction

The often repeated words “customer satisfaction” is equally important in the field of health, as they are in any other winning enterprise. It is important for the nurse to understand the fears, doubts and the anxieties of the patient. This understanding would only be possible when there is proper communication. The nurse may be preoccupied with the concerns she already had and can neglects patient's concern. Answering their questions and having a reassuring smile brings a great level of satisfaction in patient. Effective communication of nurse plays a vital part in patient's satisfaction. Attitude of the nurse is the non-verbal communication sometimes. A good nurse not only performs the given job but is aware of the patients' need of satisfaction. (Leenerts, Teel, 2006)

The time taken by the nurse to alleviate patients' fear is the most effective period of his or her job. Spoken words which are relaxing for patient help them become more comfortable in the depressed situation. Unspoken words which includes soft smile, tapping at the back or other comforting expressions brings a great deal of ease for the patient. (Mok, Chiu, 2004)

The patients usually have many doubts regarding their ...
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