Application Of Nursing Theory

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Application of Nursing Theory

Application of Nursing Theory


Nursing theory encompasses everything that is related to the profession of nursing. It answers the what, who and when arising out of this notion. The beginning of nursing can be tracked back since the momentous contribution made by Florence Nightingale in this field; nevertheless, realizing nursing as a distinct discipline only happened later in the twentieth century. As nursing has evolved and became an important part of the society within which we lives, so the research related to it that enables us to develop theories to utilize the notion in most effective manner.

Concepts and Purpose of Nursing Theory


Theory is basically a group of concepts and propositions which offers organized method to examine phenomena. The nursing theory is designed to explain significant process, event or occurrence. The theory of nursing distinguishes itself from other activities and disciplines in terms of predicting, explaining, describing and also control the desired result or outcome of nursing practices.

The main concept of nursing theory is to offer a viewpoint that what need to be nursing or who is in need of nursing and when it is needed. Moreover, it also recognize the limits and objectives if the nursing's curative activities. For effective nursing practice and research theory is very fundamental. Nursing theory is being used to create professionalism in the field of nursing. Concepts and propositions are the main elements in the structure of nursing theory (Leahy & Kizilay, 2007).


Scientifically this theory is a guide research to improve science by providing support to existing information or to create new information. It is not only useful to arrange our ideas and thoughts but it is also helpful in directing us in the right path. By using this theory, we know what we have to do and also when we have to do. Usage of this term “Theory” is not limited to scientific world but also used in the daily life conversation.

Using the Theories of Other Disciplines

Besides the use of these theories particularly developed to explain, predict and describe the trend of concerns to nursing, the theories from other activities and disciplines are also used in nursing profession.

A Discipline

A Discipline could be in any field of study. Many other studies from behavioral, physical, and biological sciences have been generally used in practice for nursing. As an example the non-nursing theories like Selye's “General Adaptation Syndrome”, Erikson's “Theory of Human Development”, and Maslow's “Hierarchy of Basic Human Needs” are continuously used in the nursing practice. The non-nursing theories are incorporated with the nursing theories to get into the practice.

Importance of Nursing Theories in Clinical Practice

In order to study a situation nursing theories offer a framework for thought. These frameworks also provide a formation for organization, decision making and analysis as different situations are faced. The health care team and nurses are also provided with different types of structures for connecting with each other. Nursing theories also help the nursing discipline in elucidating beliefs, goals and values which also assist to characterize ...
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