Application Of Theory In Practice

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Application of Theory in Practice

Application of Theory in Practice


Middle range theories of nursing are not broad in scope as compare to grand nursing theories; it offers an effective bridge which link nursing practice and grand nursing theories. Middle range nursing theories highlights the proposition and concepts at lower level of abstraction and it holds great promise in order to increase nursing practice and theory based research.


Theory one: Johnson's Behavior System Model

The behavior system middle range theory was composed by Dorothy E Johnson. Born on august 21st 1991 in Savannah Georgia, she completed her B.S.N. for Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee in 1942 and her M.P.H. from Harvard University in 1948. After completing her education she started her career as an assistant professor of pediatric nursing, and a professor of nursing at university of California in Los Angeles. Johnson highlighted the importance of research based knowledge about the nursing care effect on clients.

Behavior Model System

Johnson first proposes her model of nursing care in 1968 she identify the behavioral method for nurturing patient, according to her theory the effective and efficient behavioral functioning treatment of the patient helps in prevention of illness. She identified that nursing is concerned with man as an integrated whole, she specified this as order of knowledge require better understanding. She published her behavioral system model for nursing in 1980 where she explained her definitions of the behavioral system model. (Blais, K. 2011) According to Johnson nursing is a regulatory force related to external element acts in order to preserve the integration of patient's behavior at a most favorable level under the conditions in which behavior comprises of threat to social or physical health. She identified several layers of assumption in the development of behavioral system model. These assumptions include, Assumptions about functions, structure and system.

This assumption says that there is an interaction, interdependency, and combination of elements and parts of behaviors which develops the system, Secondly a developed system tries to achieve balance among various forces and operates upon on it, in this regard man struggles continuously in order to maintain the behavioral system of balance in a slow pace and less automatic.

The type of behavior reflects the consequences which have been achieve and can be inferred and drives the goal helping to sought out the matter. With the help of this assumption each individual has tendency to act with respect to certain goals, in specific ways rather than other way, this tendency is named as set.

Characteristics of Behavior model theory

Behavioral theories are logical in nature, these theories covers the interrelated concept in order to create the different idea of viewing a nursing phenomenon. The behavior theory is simple and deals with the generalize concepts. These theories are based on the hypothesis which can be tested in future research studies. On the other hand theories are essential in making the contribution and helping in order to increase the knowledge about body, highlighting the discipline with the help of research and at the same time it is ...
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