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The Question in this category involves the application of relevant theory and research to real life situations, considering social, cultural, and ethical issues as appropriate. Learners are expected to compose responses that solve specific problems and also discuss implications of their ideas for application with a broad range of issues in the field.

Question 2: Practical Application

Your dissertation research must contribute to theory. Your research and the theory to which it contributes may or may not have a practical benefit or application. There is no doubt, however, that there is a theory in your dissertation topic area that does have a practical application.

Part 1

Referencing at least five peer-reviewed journal articles or scholarly books, discuss views on the relationship between theory and application or practice. How can a theory guide or inform practice? What are the issues involved in translating theory into practice? Be sure to keep in mind the various conceptions of theory you discussed in Question 1.

Part 2

Referencing at least five peer-reviewed journal articles, fully describe a theory of current interest in your topic area. A theory is currently of interest if there are articles published on it in the past five years. This theory may or may not be the same as the one you examined in Question 1, Part 3. Describe a current view of the theory, not the founder's view or a classic view. Your answer should be no more than three pages long.

Part 3

Identify at least five scholarly articles (published in the last 5 years) that address how the theory you discussed in Part 2 has actually been applied. (Draw on your response to Part 1 in order to define what you mean by an application of a theory to an actual problem or situation.) Critically evaluate the appropriateness of the uses to which the theory has been applied. Consider, for example: Are the applications premised upon an accurate understanding of the theory and its scope? Do the applications “go beyond” what the theory claims? Is the reasoning linking application and theory sound? 1. Explain how the theory adds or may add to our understanding of your field and/or research topic. 2. Discuss and analyze the literature on two areas of controversy or unanswered questions related to the theory.


There exists a close relationship between theory and practice in the context of management practices. Few would argue on the significance of scientific theory or basic principles of theory that forms the underlying foundation of practice. Be it management or any other area of interest, the importance of a linkage between theory and its corresponding practical works cannot be neglected. This paper identifies the way in which theory directs practice to a certain direction and the issue involved in such a transformation. In the next section, we evaluate different theories related to the topic ...
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