Effective Time Management In Nursing

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Effective Time Management in Nursing

Effective Time Management In Nursing


In the U.S. as in other countries, the concept of ambulatory care includes medical services, without hospitalization, which accounts for a large share of medical assistance to the population. The private sector outpatient care is taking into account personal physicians (specialists in internal and family medicine, pediatricians), narrow specialists, such as gastroenterology, cardiology, pediatric endocrinology, as well as nurses and other medical personnel.

Thesis Statement

The paper discusses about the role of nurses in effective time management while treating their patients.

Discussion and Analysis

Within today's society, we see a changing socio-economic or human increasingly the right to appropriate responses to their health needs. The responses of structures of health care based on scientific and technical progress of both sides of an optimal organization relevant and consistent care, in this complexity, the nurse finds a place as its capital role. The nurse has initiated this care, organizing their implementation and evaluation thereof, where such care is provided in a facility or service character has health, the nurse can assure them it is responsible in collaboration with staff caregiver whom they support and it may be the nature of care provided, the exercise of this profession requires the following qualities: great physical and moral resistance, patience, discretion, responsibility, and ripeness.

In addition, this responsibility can nurse questioned by the workload that we have found the well during our internship in internal medicine hospital Chorfa. This overload of nursing work creating an unhealthy environment, unfavorable practice, therefore in all this, the nursing profession exercised in a context full of complexity.

Role of the Nurses

Nurses are the do their best to take care and provide sufficient health care services to people who need it. Nursing is defined as the care for the sick and maintenance of people's health as well. Nursing deals with the tasks of promoting growth, caring and feeding for infants and toddlers, preventing diseases, promoting good health, assisting in faster recovery, and promoting good health to their patients (Susan, 2010).

Nursing is the ultimate academic discipline and practice profession, which has shaped leadership displayed by women throughout the pace of time. Nursing was historically viewed as an extension of a woman's role in the home.

Ineffective Time Management by Nurses

It is a fact that the older technologies process often making it difficult for the nurses to be effective as required. The major reason for ineffective time management is that the nurses lack communication skills.

It is also important to note that as compared to the area of patient care, much of the time is spent at the nurses' station than with patients. There are many reasons for the ineffective time management which includes:

Spending time in their social activities

Lacks in communication skills

Procrastination/poor planner/ineffective delegation/indecisive

Thus being aware of all these interpretations, nurses needs to avoid long chats with hospital staff as it effects and reduces the time management for nurses.

The Techniques for Time Management

The nurses can employ several methods for effectively ...
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