Effective Communication Skills

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Effective Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills


This article focuses on the treatment of communication between persons with an emphasis on personal relationships. It will include a demonstration of real life experience to understand and integrate the organizational leadership. Will maintain this document for discussion of learning outcomes as follows: to explain the principles and misconceptions in the field of personal communication, identify barriers to effective interaction between the persons referred to an effective strategy for managing conflicts between people. Influenced by the concept of a personal relationship based on understanding the relationship between one of the people - the principles and misconceptions and barriers.

The argument of Anderson (1995) is that the quality of life depends largely on the quality of its communications. He also said that the bond is easier exchange of information between people and the interaction is the activity that attracts people. There is a general understanding of good communication between people is that the exchange of messages between people. However, Barlow (1996) stated that the definition of communication between people, it should be placed in relation to other forms of communication. To do this, you should take into account the number of people involved, the proximity, sensory channels used, and reactions that they provide. He also noted that personal relationships affect communication with others. How it interacts with a shop assistant, will differ on how to communicate with friends and family. This means that the definition of the relationship between people and relationships that occur in people who have for some time.( Barlow 1996)

To understand the effects of interpersonal communication in personal relationships, let me first define the principles and misconceptions in the field of personal communications are effective. King (2000) on four principles of communication. First, personal contacts are not inevitable. No one can communicate with other people. We can try to communicate verbally, but not the gestures and glances, facial expressions and body language can still be that the communication signals with other people.( Anderson 1995)

Another principle of communication between people is that it is irreversible. The words we speak, a man can never be resumed, and the impact of words on the other still exists. With this knowledge, we must be careful with the language to talk with one another, especially if he has been with him for a long period of time. I think this is because, particularly with families and friends. Personally, I choose the language I use with my friends, to make sure that it does not hurt their feelings. I want to make sure I have all my valuables in the wisdom of my actions, words and gestures at a time when I did not hurt my family and friends. If my relationship with them depends on what and how I communicate with them. Communication tools can be used better, at least the possibility that conflicts may arise. According to Barlow (2000) The third principle is that the communication system.


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