Effects Of Abuse And Strategies

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Effects of Abuse on Children's Development and the Strategies Teachers Can Use to Teach Children to Keep Themselves Safe


Child misuse is a communal difficulty that sways millions of young kids each year. Not only does progeny misuse have multiple societal repercussions, but furthermore one-by-one repercussions that produce lifelong scars. There are many forms of progeny misuse; sexy, personal, verbal, and emotional. Some of the details presented in this paper will be sore to absorb. That does not change the detail that these troubles must be addressed. It has been described that one out of three girls and one out of seven boys are related to sex abused by the time they come to the age of 18. The most prevalent form of progeny sexy misuse is now identified to be, incest. A study that displayed roughly 27% of the women in every state of the amalgamation, and 16% of the men said they had been related to sex abused as children.

Why should we educate about progeny abuse?

Bringing education of child abuse in the class of migrants can meet five main objectives. It can:

Provide support to the child who suffers from some form of abuse in order to reduce its destructive consequences - Teach children to prevention strategies that will help them wherever their lives take them migrants - to teach all children to accept those who have special problems - raising awareness of concepts of all children in the class, and - encourage the child abuse to trust adults against abuse.

assortment of materials for use in the classroom

We all know how sensitive the issue of abuse and neglect can be. It is important that you evaluate the materials carefully, paying attention to the specific purpose at hand, and special people you are trying to achieve before using materials with children, parents and staff. Consider these points:

What is my purpose? What strategies should be used to achieve this goal? - Is this material suitable for my target audience? (Consider the reading level, interest level, and ethnic and cultural issues, age) - Will this story promote the discussion? What procedures should I follow when using the material results in the disclosure of abuse?

What can be read about child abuse to achieve?

If a child is, or was in an abusive situation, read about those who lived through this experience can help your child deal with his or her own thoughts and emotions. Other children in the class who may have heard or read about cases of abuse will be curious and even uneasy about the abused child, but through literature your students can gain some understanding and sympathy for the victims of violence, children who can help them respond positively to a classmate. Keep in mind that a child who cannot read the book can be read or can listen to books on tape.

What is bibliotherapy?

Bibliotherapy is the process of offering guidance through the reading, i.e., helps students find books through which they can explore personal issues, life skills, ...
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