Effects Of Gay Marriages On Children

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Effects of Gay Marriages On Children



Gay marriages have recently had excessive endorsement and performance in times of days. In primitive times, anyone and everyone would consider homosexual marriages as a sin, considering it simply out of question.

In today's world of modernization and futuristic belief, matrimonial relationships among boys (gay marriages) and girls (lesbian marriages) is considered appropriate. The thought that provokes when discussing gay marriages is generally uncomfortable, placing the generations-the young ones, brood and offspring-at risk of developing disastrous and disturbed mental patterns. This paper encompasses exactly what and how are gay marriages made to shock and affect the minds of children.

Gay Marriages: An insight to the bond

A gay marriage is defined as a social, cultural and a legally practiced token of unison between similar genders all around the globe. Looking back in time, people may witness and find several examples that will help you understand and see how and why do people of the same gender prefer and do marry one another.

Currently, only a few countries formally recognize homosexual couples. The trend started with Denmark's revolutionary acknowledgment of gay and lesbian marriage in 1989, inspiring a wave of legislation for equality in Northern European countries. States that have followed include Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland. Similar trends have been seen in South America; Brazil and Costa Rica have adopted legislation that allows homosexual couples to have some of the benefits associated with heterosexual marriages. Most recently, Canada adopted legislation to grant gay and lesbian couples marriage rights, whereas the legality of this issue is currently debated in the United States. There appears to be a global trend towards recognizing homosexual marriages.

According to psychological surveys and research, people marry one another from love, support and above all, physical satisfaction. Gays and lesbians usually have a fear of being distorted and misused by the members of the other sex, making them fearful and scared of approaching them, which in turn provokes them to move to their own gender of origin and marrying their 'gender' of choice.

Looking back into history, several examples and illustrations of men bonding with men and women marrying other women have been spread all across the books of yesterday. The gay-marriage issue has been prevalent for a greater length, but had not become a priority intending and legalizing gay marriages across the globe.

Although considered a sin or even made a potion of laughter and humorous notion, there are several countries and states around the world which have assured, inspected, scrutinized, offended, marched against, and ultimately accepted the notion of gay and lesbian marriages around the West world.

Although many parts of the East, especially the Arab world and the Asian Peninsula, covering the Gulf region, still consider it a plague working at large and a menace that should be removed with application of strict, rigid and painful jurisdiction, law and order.

State laws being practiced and present in Hawaii and Alaska used to ...
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