Impact Of Lesbian And Gay Marriages On Kids

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Impact of Lesbian and Gay Marriages on Kids

Impact of Lesbian and Gay Marriages on Kids


Gay marriages have very recently gained excessive promotion and practice in recent days. In primitive times, anyone and everyone would consider homosexual marriages as a sin, considering it simply out of question.

In today's world of modernization and futuristic belief, matrimonial relationships among boys (gay marriages) and girls (lesbian marriages) is considered appropriate. The thought that provokes when discussing gay marriages is generally uncomfortable, placing the generations-our brood and offspring-at risk of developing disastrous and disturbed mental patterns. This paper encompasses exactly what and how are gay marriages made to impact and affect the minds of children (David, 1995).

Gay and Lesbian Marriages: An insight to the bond

A gay marriage is defined as a social, cultural and a legally practiced token of unison between similar genders all around the globe. Looking back in time, you may witness and find several examples that will help you understand and see how and why do people of the same gender prefer and do marry one another.

Gays and lesbians usually have a fear of being distorted and misused by the members of the other sex, making them fearful and scared of approaching them, which in turn provokes them to move to their own gender of origin and marrying their 'gender' of choice (Koepke, 1992).

Effects on Children: The future of tomorrow

To begin discussing the impacts and effects of these happenings are several to list in this document. However we may look at the most conducive amounts of information to continue our discussion.

The first and foremost point of concern and validity should be the identification of sexual orientation; with the inception of male with male and female with female bonding, children may have problems regarding their parent's gender. This, in turn, may cause the children in that household to become practitioners of sexual behavior and ultimately land themselves in sexual bonding and homosexual unison (Pitirim, 2007).

A substantial 29% of the children, who were in the 18-20 age brackets, coming from homosexual parents, had been purposely pertained to and have been through child molestation by a homosexual parent, either done intentionally or done with the will of both partners, in comparison to only 0.6% of adults belonging to heterosexual matrimony, who have statement and have been convicted of holding relations with parents, that were of a sexual and intimate nature and behavior. Having a homosexual parent(s) appears to increase the risk of incest with a parent by a factor of about 50.

Along with the above, several health problems may prevail amongst gay marriages. The most common forms of disease that develop in such bonds include AIDS, STD's or even blood cancer. In a journal of nearly 2000 gays understudy, almost 75% of them confessed that they had undertaken psychological counseling due to their own insolent and animal-like behavior and even gone under rehab for the purpose of minimizing the accounts of long-term depression they may ...
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