Effects Of Globalization

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Effects of Globalization

Effects of Globalization


The term globalization involves a process of increasing internationalization and exchange of financial capital, industrial and commercial goods and new relationships of international politics. It is the emergence of transnational companies which in turn are produced in response to the constant relocation of the system. It needs capitalist production, new production processes and distributive consumption. Globalization is expanding and relocating geographically having intensive use of technology. In some ways the movement is aggressive to international trade. The products that exported today are not only manufactured goods, but capital and profits. And this loss of earnings is also a loss of capital that further diminishes a country. It is the fight of their investments abroad. The country receiving the investment benefits from employees' wages and, some cases a secondary business, but profits reserve by the owners, in the form of capital for investment elsewhere.


Previously, domestic products were exchanged across the borders as no country had all the resources and products, they needed or wanted. To meet the basic and advanced needs of the population, there is an inherent logic explained by the simple need. Today, exchange of capital for economic, political and social changes has been taken up. The greater emphasis is on developing countries as a premise for achieving specific growth economic and poverty eradication. But this phenomenon was never conceived as a model of economic development, as it does lead to the proper development of the organizations.

Effects of McDonald's Globalization on World Cultures

The global opening of McDonald has affected regions differently. As McDonald has opened its several outlets at one region, it provided employment opportunities to the locals. Thus, the organization is increasing the employment opportunities for the people of that country. But on the other hand, it is also adversely affecting the local organizations that can earn profits by operating the same business in their region. Hence, the globalization of McDonalds is negatively affecting the other organizations of that region. Similarly, being an international food chain in the world, the prices offered by McDonald cannot be afforded by everyone thus violating the price laws and limiting the government regulations. Furthermore, there is a great competition among the workers that need them to be efficient and effective in their services. Due to this, there has been created job insecurity among the workers that made them less efficient and less effective in their work. The globalization of Mc Donald has also affected the health care of the people. The hamburgers and other meals offered by the company are classified as junk food that adversely affects the health of individuals.

The effects of McDonald's globalization are many. However, among them the main effects that largely affect the world are employment, wages, inflation, foreign trade and taxation. Globalization of McDonald has profoundly changed the political and economic relations between economic actors. The effects of globalization are mainly associated with the economic integration of the business. However, there are other reasons for which businessmen expand their business ...
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