Effects Of Job Satisfaction On The Employees' Quality Of Work In The Uk Retail Sector

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Effects of Job Satisfaction on the Employees' Quality of Work in the UK Retail Sector



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It is a commonly understood that happy employees are productive employees. The employee performance determines the productivity and output of the organisation. Past researches have established that better employee performance is resulted from high job satisfaction level. Job satisfaction is resulted from various factors, which includes rewards or pay, the work itself, promotion opportunities, leadership, relationships with peers and colleagues etc. If the employee is not content with his job, he must take positive steps to correct this feeling, so it does not adversely affect his performance evaluation. The managers should review their criteria for evaluating the performance of employees at the beginning of the year, which sets the tone for the expectations of the organisation. On a daily basis, the employee's job satisfaction impacts on the evaluation of the performance.

Job satisfaction is also something that a manager must consider in managing performance and employee engagement. The manager must decide whether an employee's performance variable, which may be sometimes high and sometimes low, is caused by the ability, effort, or both. Reflection on the causes of the variable performance of the employee puts the manager in a diagnostic role.

Despite all the knowledge, today's employees find themselves working in the modern world under an old-world style of ...
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