Effects Of Job Satisfaction On The Employees' Quality Of Work In The Uk Retail Sector

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Effects of Job Satisfaction on the Employees' Quality of Work in the UK Retail Sector


Table of Content


Background of the Study1

Research Question2

Research Objectives2

Literature Review3

Job Satisfaction3


Research Method7




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Appendix B: Organisation Letter of Permission21

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The purpose of this chapter is to provide a brief overview about the research topic and provides the main purpose and aim behind this research study. It comprises of the background of the problem, which provides a brief overview of the topic of the research and the problem.

Background of the Study

Every organization must adopt methods that effectively evaluate its employees, while striving to provide the employees with jobs that offer satisfaction with successful contributions. Defining job satisfaction is difficult because it carries different meanings for different people. Understand an individual's personal fit in an organisation, experience a happy work environment, enjoy flexibility with family and work balance, and having influential leadership are all factors for job satisfaction. For others, monetary influence, special benefits, and attaining a high corporate position attributed to job satisfaction or something as simple as more meaningful work creates job satisfaction. The key is to find what makes a person happy and satisfied.

Dating back to the 1930s, job satisfaction has become one of the most widely researched areas in industrial and organizational psychology (Judge et al. 2001, p. 376). According to Ling-Hsui (2008), job satisfaction is “any combination of psychological, physiological, or environmental circumstances that caused a person truthfully to say, 'I am satisfied with my job'” (p. 106). Ling-Hsui (2008) stated that job satisfaction “refers to the individual's emotional reactions to a particular job” (p. 106). Ling-Hsui (2008) defined job satisfaction as how individuals feel about their job and toward certain aspects of their job.

Research Question

To what extent does job satisfaction affect the quality of work in the UK retail sector?

Research Objectives

The objectives of this study are:

To assess the satisfaction level of employees in Retail industry.

To identify the factor which improves the satisfaction level of employees.

To identify the factors which influence the quality of work of employees.

To explore how job satisfaction affects the quality of work delivered by the employees.

To investigate how individuals perceive their job roles and what employers do to promote job satisfaction amongst their employees.

To investigate how the above factors affect the quality of work that an employee produces.

Literature Review

This chapter consists of all the past literature regarding the topic of the research. The literature review is to identify, obtain and check various sources and other materials that may be useful for research purposes and to extract and compile relevant information necessary to the research problem.

Job Satisfaction

A factor that is negatively correlated to job satisfaction is turnover. Individual satisfaction or dissatisfactions is shaped by an employee's total situation at work, home, and every aspect of his or her work. Nasab (2008) stated that three of the most popular questionnaires developed to measure job satisfaction are the Job Descriptive Index, Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire, and Faces Scale. Of course, with any scale, the construct of job satisfaction is constantly ...
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