Effects Of Oil Spills On Marine Organisms

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Effects of Oil Spills on Marine Organisms

Effects of Oil spill on Marine Organisms

Aims & Objectives of the Study

The reason of this study will be to realise the consequences of oil spills on marine organisms. Many oil spills have produced in the death of a large number of ocean birds, which very perceptive to both interior and external sways of crude oil and its perfected products.


Literature Review

People directly believe of birds and fish as being species influenced by an oil spill. On the report you will often glimpse large figures of dead birds and dead fish cleaned up on the beach. Some birds pass away because they have ingested oil (Baker 2003). However, more routinely the birds drown because they attach to the oil and will not get out of the water, starve because there's no nourishment left for them because the fish have been poisoned by the oil or misplace too much body heat because of impairment to their plumage by the oil. Fish pass away of starvation because of decrease of nourishment or from being poisoned by the oil (Walraven 2002).


Some marine mammals and reptiles, for example dolphins, whales and turtles are very susceptible to oil spills because they have to be adept to exterior to respire and the reptiles furthermore need to depart the water to type (Neff 2001). The level of oil makes surfacing tough and the animals drown.

Vegetation in the water can be susceptible to lightweight crude or lightweight perfected oil spills if the oil comes to the origin locality of the plants. However, a broad outer level of oil on the departs does nearly no impairment if it happens out-of-doors the growing time of the year (Leighton 2005). Loss of vegetation can lead to more animal killings as they ...
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