Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

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The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Mental and Physical Fitness


Whether due to the workload, to work extra jobs to have more income or work activities after the results are the same: many workers arrive at work too tired or sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation or fatigue may affect the ability of the employee handbook, reaction time and alert you are. Worker fatigue or lack of sleep can affect the trial and security. And workers are not the only ones who are suffering from sleeplessness at work: it costs them money to employers and in some cases, put public safety at risk. Studies show that workers are not only sleeping less than they should, they're sleeping less than they were sleeping before. The main danger arises when workers do not realize they are tired and go to work as if they were good. Workers who try to function without enough sleep, have a reduced ability to recognize or avoid risks. They have a reduced reaction time and do not respond adequately. Their quality and quantity of work are reduced. They have a worse safety record and contribute to high costs of workers compensation programs. They must decide how many hours they need sleep to function optimally. They should review their activities outside of work to see how they are affecting their sleep. If they feel they have not had enough sleep to function well at work, should take a sick day or vacation to recover. During his shift, should be aware when they lose concentration or begin to fall asleep. When they realize they are distracted, need to get up and stretch or walk around or eat a snack. A casual conversation can help them stay awake and not hinder improving productivity. Since dehydration increases fatigue effect, workers should drink more water during the day.


Writing this thesis has been very demanding, challenging and time-consuming, but also remarkable, informative and above all fun. Nevertheless, it feels great to have finally completed my bachelor's or master's thesis and I am now looking forward to a nice relaxing period for recovering. It has been both advantages and drawbacks with the limited amount of earlier research conducted within this area, even though I faced serious troubles but sometimes the advantages of this research luckily were in my favor and have made this research both challenging and interesting.

I would like to thank my supervisor -------, professor at -------University, who has been great in guiding my through this thesis, helping me through the difficulties I faced during the entire process and motivated me to work hard. Furthermore, I would like to thank all my friends, for their contributions by sharing their perceptions and opinions with me. Above all I would like to thank my family and teachers that provided me with valuable and constructive criticism.

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The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Mental and Physical Fitness7

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