Effects Of Violent Video Games In Teens

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Effects of Violent Video Games in Teens

Throughout all the years that video games existed, many people say that all violence in video games has an effect on children. I'm going to start by studying the amount of time children are put into these games as opposed to other things. As the parent factor this topic. All this just to be sure, video games have a negative impact on school children in school fights, or relationships.

According to NPD Group There are two types of heavy and light users. Light users are the children who play games for 5 hours. While heavy users to play anywhere from 6 to 17 hours. NPD Group also stated that once the children reach the age of 6 to 8, that when children become more serious gamers. Children between the ages of 15 and 19 super users. They are the ones who spend most of their time playing games online, not offline(Anderson, p. 353).

The difference between online games and offline games is that when a child is a message that the child is currently subject only to the words and actions of the software in the game. Unlike the players that play online they are exposed to the language of the other players are also some rough action, such as T-bags, which is not under the rating that the company produces the game gave to their product.

This brings me to the big role played by parents in this world? Every game there is a rating, there are different ratings for each game based on violence, blood, language and action in the game. Various ratings Ec: for early childhood, E10 +: This is for every child that's 10 years of age or older, E: means the game for everyone, T: Tools for teens, M: mature means for children 17 years and over the last is: what it means for adults only for people age 18 and older. These rankings are on the front of each game, but a majority of parents do not even bother to read it or just do not know what that means. This leads to the fact that children come into contact with a violent game to an even earlier age than they should(Anderson, p. 355).

Video games and children's video games were first introduced in 1970. By the end of this decade they have become a preferred childhood leisure activity, and adults responded to ...
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