Electronic Patient Record System

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Electronic Patient Record System

Electronic Patient Record System


The NHS Information Authority's Framework of Headings project intents to provide a solution to the concerns of distributed databases and electronic data interchange as these serve to a great extent in the institution of an electronic patient record system. The purpose of this study is to reveal that in spite of the fact that physical location of the record is not an issue, consideration of easy information retrieval, i.e., drawing out information where and when needed, data entry, interoperability, clinical coding, problem-knowledge coupling and security and patient confidentiality do keep a significance in the development of an effective EPR.


An electronic patient record refers to document placed on the computer system which keeps essential data regarding the current history and health of the patient. Previously, the records of the patients used to be maintained largely in physical files in the form of hard copies that most frequently used to be found in the receptionist desk in the doctor's work place. However, trends have changed to a great deal now. The NHS Information Authority Framework of Headings project is directed to develop a web based electronic patient record system to demonstrate interactively, the records of the various patients like, graphics, DICOM images, therapy records and structure reports for internet and intranet shared medicinal applications. This system would be comprised of a web based structure for the delivery of data and client server architecture for acquisition and authorization of data (Burke 2010, 477-484). The system would focus on the provision of both; a distributed database and an electronic data interchange.

A distributed database is such a database wherein all the various storage devices are not affixed to a single processing unit for instance, the CPU. Instead, it might be hoarded in several computers that are situated ...
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