Emotions, Stress, And Health: Christian Perspectives On Self-Esteem

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Emotions, Stress, and Health: Christian Perspectives on Self-Esteem

Table of Contents


Thesis Statement3

Discussion Analysis3

The Non Biblical View of Self-Esteem3

The Biblical View of Self-Esteem4

Sayings of Scriptures5

Main Conflicts between self-image and biblical image6

Falsehoods Prediction about Scripture6


Emotions, Stress, and Health: Christian Perspectives on Self-Esteem


The meaning of term “esteem” is a favorable regard that gives a person to his own self. It is the well regarded condition and feeling of delight approval. Therefore, Self-esteem is a regard for self to think and honor favorably of oneself. Undoubtedly, it is a chief part of our daily life that people do. The Christians who spread the teaching of self esteem create a weak show at finding self- esteem ideologies and patterns in the Bible. The pure fact is that the concept of self- esteem movement is neither scientific nor Biblical. It is the only exaggerated zeal that ultimately passes away by doing astonishing damage in our society and unfortunately it is found in majority of the churches. By the grace of GOD, believers do not require to come in the lies of Satan. Most of the Christian disagree with concept and they badly try to attempt some possible efforts to scratch some Biblical support. They people ransacked the verses Scriptures and its verses in order to provide some Biblical acceptance to the theory. But the Bible does not contain such phenomenon to fall in the favor of self esteem. Few Christian will disagree to believe on it. This study is very important to discuss for getting proper knowledge about the self-esteem perception.

Thesis Statement

The paper is designed to highlight the facts about the biblical and non biblical concept of self esteem, which is the conflicting issue.

Discussion Analysis

The Non Biblical View of Self-Esteem

In the recent times, the initial education in pop-psychology is that people in general have a low self-love, self-image, self-worth, self-esteem, low-health etc. they do not love themselves and think that they are not very good and also lose their self-confidence. It has been observed that people find themselves in poor condition due to these manners. It is suggested that if the person would feel about themselves, they will greatly perform in their lives. However every person contains bad self image but it depends on its degree. Most of the people try to hide their bad self image by applying different methods to cover it up: some do with shyness, so the people can catch their bad personality. On other hand, people try to pretend their selves as naive and good person. We should take some examples of image proponents by both Christian circles and seculars, for getting the teachings of self esteem.

It is suggested by James that women should require the doze of self esteem and personal worth, for their good health (1981).

Barnett and Rivers wrote that feeling good about own selves can be the reason of person's total well being (1984).

It is suggested by Philip that mothers those decide to go for abortion, due to their little self-esteem ...
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