Stress And Health

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Stress and Health

Stress And Health

Potential causes of stress are numerous and highly individual. There are many events in life that can cause stress (Breznitz 1982). Major life events are stressors. Whether it be the divorce, the child leaving home, the planned pregnancy, the move to the new town, the career change, graduating from college, or the diagnosis of cancer, faster or more dramatic change, greater strain. Furthermore, more major life changes you're dealing with at any one time, more stress you'll feel (Albrecht 1979).

Secondly, daily causes of stress include environmental stressors, family and relationship stressors, job stressors and social stressors. In fact, physical surroundings can set off stress response. Examples of environmental stressors include an dangerous neighborhood, pollution, noise such as sirens keeping you up at night, the barking dog next door, and uncomfortable living conditions (Albrecht 1979). For people living in crime-ridden areas or war-torn regions, stress may be unrelenting.

Thirdly, people in our lives can be our greatest source of comfort, but sometimes the significant cause of stress. Problems with friends, romantic partners, and family members are common daily stressors (Breznitz 1982). Marital disagreements, dysfunctional relationships, rebellious teens, or caring for the chronically-ill family member or the child with special needs can all send stress levels skyrocketing.

Moreover, in our career-driven society, work can contribute to job stress. Job stress is caused by things such as job dissatisfaction, an exhausting workload, insufficient pay, office politics, and conflicts with your boss or co-workers. For example, many jobs and industries have “crunch times”, where workers must work longer hours and handle the more intense workload for the time.

In addition, social situation can cause stress (Breznitz 1982). paucity, financial pressures, ethnic and gender discrimination or harassment, unemployment, isolation, and the lack of social support all take the toll on daily quality of life. For example, with less money in budget, people who are already under financial stress tend to cut corners in areas like health care to pay for basic necessities like food. Small problems can go unchecked and turn into larger problems. This also leads to more stress.

Effect from stress can be derived from causes; this is due to impact from causes that can lead one towards severe health or medical conditions. (Albrecht 1979) Recent research suggests that anywhere from 60 to 90 percent of illness is stress-related. physical wear and tear of stress includes damage to cardiovascular system and ...
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