Employability And Entrepreneurship

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Employability and Entrepreneurship - Career Action Plan

Employability and Entrepreneurship - Career Action Plan

Terms of Reference

This report will demonstrate an awareness of the knowledge, skills and experience required by a recent graduate to enter the area of graduate employment as an administrative officer. The research and self-reflection that this report will constitute are aimed at providing a support to future career planning and decision making for after the completion of undergraduate studies.


The paper required extensive research and analyses. In order to engage in this research effectively, it was important to make use of an array of information sources. The information sources used for the purpose of this particular paper comprised both primary and secondary sources. The most important of the resources used were career websites that provided information on different jobs and the skills that were required to qualify for those jobs. The websites provided an in-depth insight into the nature of the jobs and shed light on the kind of challenges that could be expected to come forth in the job. Once the job had been selected, it was then considered important to consult publications that pertained to the specific job selected. This included publications such as books and journal articles published by experts in this area. This allowed for a creation of a fundamental understanding of the selected job, after which it was considered to be necessary to consult professionals in the field in person. The brief meetings with the industry professionals were the most advantageous part of the research process. It provided an insight into the job nature that could not be obtained from books and websites.

Main findings

General employment trends in this sector / occupation

Employment trends in this industry are such that the trend of hiring tends to increase considerably when economic conditions allow for the opening of new businesses and positive developments in the enable businesses to expand. This is because of the fact that administrative officers are generally recruited when businesses are being established and any additional hiring that is carried out is usually only carried out when vacancies are created from resignations and/or terminations. As a result, it can be inferred that the industrial trends for this position are of a nature such that they are influenced by the condition of the economy.

Skills / Knowledge and Experience Required

Modern day organizations such as UNICEF require that an Administrative Officer is capable of administering employment agreements, verifying and reporting on benefits payments, maintaining the leave management system, reviewing remittances, supervising completion of the payroll and reviewing payroll reports. In addition, commonly attributed responsibilities that an Administration Officer is required to fulfil include the management of the filing, storage and security of documents, responding to inquiries, and management of the repair and maintenance of the equipment being used in the office and maintain insurance coverage for the equipment. The requirements also ask the candidate to have a passion and commitment to UNICEF's mission and professional ...
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