The Impact Of Internships On Graduate Employability

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The Impact of Internships on Graduate Employability

The Impact of Internships on Graduate Employability

Graduate Employability in United Kingdom

In 2007, Institute of Directors conducted a survey on whether education system in United Kingdom is doing enough to prepare the students for the practical life. According to the results of the survey, 90% of the people believe that the current education system 'needs to do more' such as providing them with maximum exposure of practical world through facilitating them to find and secure suitable internship program in reputable companies of their respective fields which will serve as stepping stone for the graduates in landing suitable jobs afterwards. About 70% of the people expressed their views about internships as the best option to pursue on the part of students to enhance their job prospects when they will be graduated from their universities. These high figures of the survey have an implication for the educational institutions in their role to enhance the employability of their graduates (Bravo & Whiteley, 2005, Pp. 55).

Analysis of the current graduate labour market both general and specific

Competition among firms for graduates is increasing every passing day however, the possession of a degree is not sufficient anymore in landing a suitable job. Graduates also need to develop certain skills through firsthand knowledge to prove their ability that they will better perform the job they are applying for. These skills include an understanding of business processes, the availability of commercial skills, the ability to manage projects, teamwork and interpersonal skills. According to a joint survey conducted by the Association of graduate recruiters (AGR), the list is headed by a structured work experience. HR departments prefer to hire people who possess some relevant practical experience through internships/training programs because this experience will prove that the candidate wasn't just moonlighting during his/her studies, but strictly on his way to the goal. Employers, particularly the "blue chips" offer summer employment as well as internships throughout the year which eventually help them in selecting the most of qualified employees for available vacancies in the near future (Mason et al., 2008, Pp. 1).

According to BBC, average 52 graduates applied for every new job opening in the year 2011. This is 11% more than last year which clearly suggests the increasing rate of unemployment for fresh university graduates. The biggest competition exists in the banking and financial sector, leading retail chains and consumer products where each position accounted for 80 graduates. Least of all applicants for vacancies were accountants and in professional business services. Analysis of the 2012 labor market of graduates suggests that many of the most well-known organizations have completed recruitment of the year, closing the existing vacancies early. Thus, following the year 2009, Job offer by leading employers of UK has increased by 25%.

Analysis of employability of post-internship Vs non-Internship candidates

Internships are now not only a learning option, but also give graduates an opportunity to meet and hook up in the workplace. Punctuality, effort and dedication, are very important in a company continuing and companies ...
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