Employee Negative Behavior At Work

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Employee Negative Behavior at Work


Different employees behave in a different manner at their workplaces. Some behave in a positive manner while some employees always remain in such type of practices, which always lead to negative behavior towards the organization. Some basic examples of employee negative behavior at work include:

A.Absence from work without just cause

B.Abandonment of work

C.Practicing such activities which have had been banned in the contract.

D.Serious breach of contract obligations

E.Bad behavior from the standpoint of social and ethical

F.Lack of integrity (honesty) in the performance of their duties

G.Ways of doing things (hitting) proffered to the teammates or the employer in the company.

H.Uttered insults to the employer.

I.Immoral conduct affecting the company.

J.Reckless or careless acts affecting the security of the company or its workers

K.Intentional injury to property of the company. (Pelled, pp. 42-49)


The courts of most of the developed countries have pointed out some negative behaviors of employees as serious breaches towards the employer. These include not giving the official ballot, repeated delays, the worker protests checking if they were prohibited in the contract, reporting at work drunk, price tags adultery, adultery weights and measures, etc.

It has been a part of approximately all types of employment contracts that the worker does not hold the right to endangers the safety of the company people who work there. Also, an employee is not allowed to affect the functioning of the company. These are the acts or omissions which some employees try to practice at the workplace to cause harm to the company or other employees. However, these acts can also be caused by mistakes or negligence of the worker. Trying to endanger the safety of the company or other employees is always counted as negative behavior towards the employer.

Figure 1.1

Some employees also show their negative behavior towards work by causing damage to the company property which includes damaging machinery, tools, labor, product or merchandise. In this case, the action of employee is always counted as intentional and designed to produce losses.

The untimely release from the job site during working hours without permission of the appropriate person means abandonment of work. This also counts as a major negative behavior of employee and could lead to the dismissal for the dereliction of duty. The refusal of the employee to perform the work agreed in the contract also comes under the same category.

Some cases of dishonesty are also intolerable behavior of employee towards the work. Some dishonesty cases include ...
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