Employee Safety Case Study

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Employee Safety Case Study

Employee Safety Case Study


This paper is based on a case study in connection with Domino's - the Pizza giant's case of so called discrimination of delivery for African America neighborhoods. The company holds that this particular practice was initiated keeping in view the safety of their workers, who were designated areas with heavy black population.


Minorities have a higher risk of homicide; 25 percent of the homicide victims are African American, Asian American, Hispanic, or from other minorities, although they only make up one-eighth of the working population. This higher rate is probably due to the concentration of minorities in occupations with high homicide rates, such as driving taxis or managing small stores in the evening hours (Denenberg, 2008).

A number of strategies have been developed for reducing the occurrence of workplace violence. A few examples of prevention strategies include improving the visibility within and outside the organizations (Domino's in this case), policies for handling cash, physical separation of customers from employees at Domino Pizza, brighter lighting, security devices, escort services for employees at Domino Pizza, and an emphasis on employee training. A workplace violence prevention program should include three variables: a system for documenting incidents, well-communicated procedures to be taken in the event of incidents, and truly open communication between employers and workers. An effective employee education program is crucial to making a meaningful difference in preventing workplace violence in any type of business.

Most prevention programs for workplace violence consist of three areas: a workplace violence policy and reporting procedures, training, and selection (Blythe, 2007). Many agencies and companies also consider threat assessment teams who conduct safety needs assessments and investigate individual threats.

Policy and Procedures

The policy must define workplace violence so that employees at Domino Pizza are clear on what that specific organization regards as violent acts. The procedures should outline the steps employees at Domino Pizza can take to report incidents safely and people who they observe committing acts of workplace violence, as well as pre- and post-event emergency preparedness plans. Disciplinary action that includes employee assistance program and termination procedures also should be outlined. Unfortunately, studies have found that employees at Domino Pizza do not readily use current workplace policies. It is not enough to have words on a piece of paper; employees at Domino Pizza must be able to feel confident that they will be protected, incidents will be investigated, and offenders will ...
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