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Work-1 Record of classes


General Skills content

Specific new language


Learned about the Academic Word List and discovered that these words are often found in academic subjects. This session is quite useful for me as it helped me a lot to come across with diverse terminologies in subjects like history, psychology as words in them often confused me before.

Got exposure with new useful web sites with AWL exercises to further polish my skills in learning it


Learned about how to analyze an essay topic or a particular question. It helped to understand that essay has three main parts which are essential to cover any topic. This include: Introduction, body and conclusion

Introduced with many ideas and topic which would help me to write my next essay assignment.


Learned about two main parts of essay, that is, proper introduction and conclusion. Furthermore, got an overview of how to write appropriate paragraphs and how to divide introduction part in some sections

Examples were quite enough to support the concept of the workshop


This practicum helped to me discovers another format, Report Writing, which really proved to be beneficial for me. Before I mixed the formats of essay and report writing, but now I have clear idea that both have different section and formats.

Costa Coffee Report Exercises as a real case study was helpful to clear the concept.


The main difference between an essay and a dissertation was cleared by attending this workshop.

It was quite understandable and clear concept to differentiate between a thesis and essay.


Learned about delivering a good presentation and how to keep addressers motivated with the content n expressions while delivering a PowerPoint presentation.

Tips in this sessions will help me future to deliver presentation up to the standard.


This session seems quite important as it taught us to proof read work before submitting it. It helps to further improve and revise written document.

Tips were essential to integrate in future work.


Learned about the correct usage of proper definitions. It should be accurate in its meaning.

Examples were helpful to clear the concept.


Title: Hinson, C (2005) Legal Informatics: Opportunities for Information Science Journal of Education for Library and Information Science 46.2: pp. 134-153.


In the Information Systems and Information Technology disciplines, over and over again referred to together as IS and IT, academic scholars meet head-on the junction of together optional prototypes and study methods in the growth appraisal of study methods for researches. This piece of writing interprets and offers background facts associated to informatics, together the wide-ranging discipline of informatics and the narrow area under discussion field of lawful informatics. Throughout electronic file searching and bibliographic scrutiny, the biographer of the article authenticates again that officially authorized informatics in the United States is not up till now a combined field.

New vocabulary: electronic file searching, bibliographic scrutiny

Title: Ramamoorti, S and Weidenmeir, M (2006) Research Opportunities in Information Technology and Internal Auditing Journal of Information Systems 20.1, pp. 205-219


This paper represents research prospects in the discipline of information technology (IT) within the framework of the internal audit ...
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