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Problematic Area of English Grammar for Arabic language learners

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Discussion Analysis2

Problematic Area of Grammar for a Particular Language Background3

Comparison Analysis and Evaluation of Published Language Teaching Material6


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Problematic Area of English Grammar for Arabic language learners


It is usually difficult to fortify the language skills of the students containing different language background. In the modern context of English language grammar, most of the second language learners find difficulties in handling latest introduced vocabulary, the usage of proper punctuation, article, preposition, tenses and etc. Although these students have been studying English from the primary class but still at the junction of college or university, they found still confused about the grammatical concept of English. Most of the English learners as a second language, such as Arabic speaking people encounter problems with the article system of English language. The aim of the paper is to highlight the grammatical errors in English articles in writing context by Arabic speakers. It has been observed that Arabs do not properly use English articles in their writings, therefore, the detail account of common article errors are elaborated in this paper. Learners of English language having different mother tongues such as Arabic, find problem in the transferring of first language to second one in language instruction. The paper is designed to research the nature of article system errors which is made by the L1 Arabic learners of English in the principle of writing.

Discussion Analysis

From 30 years, the development of exploring linguistic analysis has been observed in English grammatical context. The research in the area of linguistic has become an arising interest in depicting the learner's data performance for providing the problem resolution keys for English Language teacher. In this research analysis, one of the chief techniques has been found Error Analysis that centres over the learners committed errors. The natures of errors study facilitate the researchers to have a better perceptive in linguistic area, where the foreign language's learners bear difficulty while trying to write effectively. The student of second language for instance writes or says “He was died” and “It was happened yesterday”. In these sentences, a native speaker will write the sloppy use of the past tense. Few discussion and research with the teacher and student realize that the student is contributing the notion of mistakes in the passive voice, the event found to be going in the subject of sentences (Brown, Douglas, 2000). These students will not write “He was kicked the ball” as the subject sentence is presenting more active agent to understand. These confusions of students realized teachers that the students are more concentrating over the usage of passive voices that discusses the manageable mistakes. In the same manner, the student of ESL requires proper time to learn the English collocations in the way that expresses the words should be accompanied by other words (Butler, 2002, p.470). This accompany of words are usually found complex in nature. The students whose native language is not English do not automatically realize ...
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