English Language Teaching In Saudi Arabia

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English Language Teaching in Saudi Arabia


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Language enjoys a very significant status in the world. English being the international language of communication, however, the importance of another language can never be undermined or underestimated as every language hold a great value within itself and speakers of every language have a profound love for their native languages which renders a greater significance to any given language. Globalization has a huge impact on English language teaching alongwith internet. The recent technology has made the teaching methods easy in Arab countries including Saudi Arabia. English is the only language taught in Saudi public schools, from middle school (which is not taught in primary schools).






Background of the Study1

Rationale for the Study3

Problem Statement3

Research Aims and Objectives4

Research Questions5

Significance of the Study5

Chapter Summary6



Evolution of globalization7

Issue of Censorship8

What is globalization?8

Theories of evolution of globalization10

English language teaching and globalization12

English as a Global Language12

Impact of globalization and internet on English Language Teaching14

English Language Teaching in Saudi Arabia18

Future of English Language Teaching21

Chapter Summary22



Language is a means of communication, and everyone learns a language to communicate from early childhood. Language is very important because it serves as a means for people to exchange their ideas, thoughts and feelings with each other.

Once a person learns a language, he becomes a member of a linguistic community. Since language helps a person to express their love, sadness, anger, and happiness, it has become a component of every culture in this world. For this reason, people from across the globe develop a deep rooted love and emotional bonding for their mother tongues. However, with the concept of globalization which has over taken the entire world, the need to communicate in a uniform language has become increasingly important.

When pupils, whose native language is not English, embark on learning English language, it becomes a challenge for them to acquire a command over the second language. This study will analyze the persistent and potential problems that are faced by Saudi Arabian university students while reading English as a language.

Background of the Study

Since the early 1990s, globalization has led to bring many changes in the world. Among those changes internet is the most dominant. Internet is known as the international collection of computer networks that is one of the most powerful inventions in human history. This invention has undergone exponential growth in many fields-business, science, entertainment etc.-and has transformed these fields in the ...
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