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Implementing Computer Assisted Language Learning (English) as the Foreign Language classroom in Saudi Arabia


The technology is not used in EFL classrooms at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Therefore, online course has been used in teaching English syntax of the house. The purpose of this study was to determine if the integration of interactive learning face-to-face management of syntax in the school well in advance of the academic success of freshmen EFL and attitudes. Two freshmen meetings of academics participated in the study. Preliminary tests indicate the same show significant differences between the unaudited and team sites in their grammatical knowledge. After the direction online test, evaluation post-test gives the same show significant differences in performance. Research has decided that in schools where the experiment is not available for EFL researchers and teachers, the use of online courses from home as a supplement to classroom techniques helps to inspire and enhance EFL students' learning and mastery of English grammar.

Implementing Computer Assisted Language Learning (English) as the Foreign Language classroom in Saudi Arabia


Teachers increasingly worldwide seeking to improve their management of languages across the enterprise and information available through technology. Many of them are included, what types of technology in teaching syntax in environments foreign or second language, such as websites and CD-ROM virtual environment (Bowen, 1999), Internet Tutor, which allows scientists to comment on the decision to supply emergency response and instant comfort (McEnery et al, 1995), English courses in electronic form (LEE) computer program, which consists of 43 courses focusing on concepts of syntax and sentence structure undeniable, and on topics such as paid work, nutrition, welfare, school, and Transport (Schnackenberg, 1997).

In addition, explicit and implicit exploration using advanced syntax education packet processing sentence, appliances, dictionaries and grammars, World Wide Web, agreements, instruments used letters, computer games and simulations, and creation tools have merged to eliminate the deficit "grammar" seen in many students of British scientists are studying the German language (Hall, 1998). Corkhill (1996) used a computer program containing programs, no-nonsense, friendly personal mentor to so easy to find and call syntax is the theme to develop and strengthen a complete syntax of various subjects. Collaboration between the L1 and L2 In addition, the researchers used as a new beginning to learn grammar.

Students in immersion programs in Australia have been linked in a global network with researchers in Canada and France for publishing on the World Wide Web on the points written jointly by French scientists and Australian and Canadian English, French scientists (Matas and Birch, 1999; Matas and Birch, 2000). In Hong Kong, an interactive communication system has been created to provide access to the Internet for English teachers to discuss issues related to languages through a network of educational support TeleNex. The grammatical interpretation is based on a study of facts and figures, regularly used to meet the demands of teachers (Tyrwhitt-Drake, 1999).

Despite the charm of knowledge, their use in language training is not the provision of student achievement by providing opportunities ...
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