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Ethnicity in Foreign Language Learning

Ethnicity in Foreign Language Learning

Q1: Is ethnicity an important factor with regards to learning a foreign language?

The centered assertion in foreign language aptitude study is very easy. It is that there is a specific talent for learning foreign languages which exhibits considerable variation between learners. Expressed in these terms, it would be unremarkable in nature, and comparable to the myriad other domains where there is variation between human beings.

In the 21st century, global education needs to distinguish its agenda from the current buzzword concept “globalization,” the forces of market capitalism, which tend to focus the discussion on global economic systems and information technologies. From a pedagogical viewpoint, financial prosperity and technological advancement are part of a broader emphasis on planetary interconnectedness, interdependency, and sustainability. Key concepts in global education include human rights, environmental responsibility, cultural studies, and sustainable economies (Fleming, 2008). international learning outlooks nationwide government and international economic principles with an eye toward international accountability. It stresses the role of global ethics in shaping humane, environmentally sound attitudes toward a world as a single ecosystem, and it teaches that a global conscious citizenry can effectively overcome such problems as climate changes, ocean pollution, and resource depletion with ingenuity, leadership, and cooperation.

The emphasis in global education on human rights awareness, environmental studies, cultural understanding, and sustainable economies addresses the multiple concerns in our “globalized” world. Global education views national politics with an eye toward international accountability, which must be governed by a shared international sense of global ethics. (Fleming, 2008) This ethic can be used to govern socioeconomic decision making based on a system of universal values found in the United Nations documents of human rights, agreements of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers, the proposals of Amnesty International and other nongovernmental organizations (for ...
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