Environmental Footprint Report

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Environmental Footprint Report

Environmental Footprint Report



Environment is important for us all - in present as well as for the future - as this is what the generation to come will inherit from us. This is why there has been an emphasis on finding out the share of individuals and corporations in global warming by measuring the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) they produce - or their 'carbon footprint'. CO2 is one of the main greenhouse gases, and its content in atmosphere contributes towards global warming. By calculating its emission, individuals can make smarter choices in their consumption habits to reduce their share. Similarly, organizations can calculate their emissions as a result of its operations and take steps to reduce it by taking appropriate actions such as going 'green', replacing equipment and using or purchasing only efficient and environment-friendly equipments and inventories. (Wiedmann, 2008) Carbon footprint calculation is not restricted to individuals and corporations only. Events, products and even countries can be evaluated for amount of greenhouse gases they produce. One example of event based emission calculation is performing an Internet search operation. According to research findings quoted in The Times, a single Google search releases 7 grams of CO2. Google refuted this claim and calculated its own figure which comes out to be 0.2 grams per search. Regardless of the methodology of calculation and amount of emission, the findings indeed bring to light the environmental impact of technology.

The concept of carbon footprint is to measure the amount of emissions in CO2 equivalent, which are released into the atmosphere due to our daily activities. This analysis covers all the activities of their life cycle allowing consumers to decide which foods to buy on the basis of pollution generated as a result of processes that happened.

B- Environmentally speaking

It is the foremost responsibility of human beings to work for the preservation of the environment. As being part of the society, I have some responsibility towards the environment preservation as well. I am affecting the environment through the activities that are stated below:

Conserving energy by turning the lights off when leaving the room and using the heat and air conditioner in moderation

Taking shorter showers and turning off the water while brushing my teeth in order to conserve water

Not littering

Planting trees in my surrounding

Driving, which releases dangerous fumes into the air, short distances to school, stores, work, etc. instead of walking or taking a bike ride

Purchasing lots of plastic water bottles instead of buying a water filter

Not eating local products, which causing food to be flown in from across the country, thereby wasting gas and releasing fumes into the atmosphere

Choosing plastic bags at the grocery store, which release toxins into the air when they are produced

C- My Environment

In my environmental vicinity cities have a number of impacts, such as converting the forest and agricultural lands for the urban infrastructure and uses, excavation and quarrying of sand, reclaiming the wetlands, building materials in huge quantity, an at some time even deforestation to cover the requirement of ...
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