Environmental Impact Assessment

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment


Environmental Impact Assessment is carried by the city officials to know what activities are having a negative impact on the environment and what activities are good for the environment. This assessment is carried sector by sector so that the impact of every sector on the environment can be examined (Holling, 1978, pp. 23). This assessment tells the authorities whether or not they should take any action against the sectors or companies that are causing a negative impact on the environment. There are different laws in different countries and in United Kingdom, 'The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011' are responsible for assessing the impact of different activities on the environment.

The paper will first discuss the elements of Environmental Impact Assessment and will then assess the application by the energy department for constructing biomass from the waste fuelled generating station at Tilbury Docks, Essex.

Environmental Statement

The aim of the environmental statement is to provide information regarding the environment to the public, as well as, other related parties that are in accordance to the environmental impact also with the performance of the organization. It also helps in addressing the requirements of the stakeholders that are identified as a result of the external communication with them. This communication is very important for the company as it helps the company in performing better (Golder, 1979, pp. 27).

Environmental Statement provides the public with the environmental, related information and is also a source of information for the other interested parties. This information allows the parties to obtain the environmental impact related information also the information related to the performance of the organization.

Appropriateness of Methods for Developing Countries

There is no single method that will meet all the criteria. The objective of selecting an appropriate method is to ensure that all the objective meet the criteria. Out of all the variety and techniques used by the companies, there are only few of them that are related to the objectives of the company. Some of the criteria are mentioned in the table below. There are many of them that are used by countries, but not all of them can be used. It is assumed that developing countries as compared to developed countries have less funds, which is why they are unable to make use of the correct criteria. Many people argue that the developing countries do not have enough funds and resources to employ the best method. The sophisticated methods cannot be used by the developing cvountries because they are too expensive. The lack of funds is the main reason that developing countries are unable to employ good resources for their development.

The developing countries will only be able to make good use of their resources and time when they will be helped by the International assistance agency. This is not true in every case, because aid and help from this agency is not available to every country. The developing countries are rarely helped by these agencies which is why they lag behind ...
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