Environmental Issues In Public Health

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Environmental Issues in Public Health


In this study we discuss different environmental issues which can affect the public health. Environmental issues have become the biggest threat for public health. Its effects on public health are increasing day by day, thus giving a dangerous signal to the public health authorities.

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Environmental Issues in Public Health


The main concern in today's society is the increase in public health problem due to environmental issues. These environmental issues are the biggest cause of the infectious diseases among the people. These environmental issues have emerged as the biggest threats to today's world, as it is affecting the human health. The main reason behind the increase in the management of sufficient and meaningful public health practices and policies are the increase in the population growth and accompanying pressures. The main causes or we can say the main threats for the public health are zoonotic diseases, airborne contaminants, bioaccumulative contaminants. In order to understand the public health, the government or authorities should understand the environmental and ecological health. USGS, which is a nation's natural science agency, is playing an important role in giving the knowledge about scientific concepts and understand the main reasons that how environmental issues make contributions to human health.


According to medicine, public health initiatives have been integral to society's ability to persist in the face of the relentless threat of disease and ill-health (Rosen, 2008). More specifically, medicine, Rosen' proposes, has long identified a relationship between ill-health (disease) and the environment (physical and social). “Ill-health developed when there was an imbalance between man and his environment” (Rosen, 1958, 33).

The birth of modem, public health, according to this rhetoric, was in response to just such an imbalance engendered by the insalubrious character of the industrial environment.

The problem of the public health was inherent in the new industrial civilization. The same process that created the market economy, the factory, and the modem urban environment also brought into being the health problems that made necessary new means of disease prevention and health protection” (Rosen, 1958, 201). The objective of public health, we are told, is to restore, through education and medical intervention, the physical and social environment to a state where it is believed to be conducive, rather than harmful, to the health of the social body. The focus is in remaking the modern urban environment in order to restore some imagined preexisting balance between the population and the environment. Public health assumed that work for itself since it believed that it was too important to be left to the vagaries of disposition.

“The health of the people is extremely important to the community. So it cannot be left to the uncertainty of individual initiative.” (Rosen, 1958, 116).

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