Environmental Sustainability Paper

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Environmental Sustainability Paper

Environmental Sustainability Paper

Thesis Statement

Quartz has played vital role in technological development, which has lead to manage the waste.


Ever since the European colonists set foot in the city of New York, the extraction of mineral wealth has been one of its key imperative goals. These not only served as a vital raw material for their consumer goods but at the same time it was also used in a variety of other areas such as in cooking utensils and construction projects thus improving the overall standard of their living. Moreover, since the 1980s the city of New York has significantly ranked fifteenth throughout the nation in terms of the annual extraction of the mineral resources (Kelly, 2011).


Amongst the various mineral resources found in New York, Quartz is one of the most commonly found mineral within the earth's crust. Quartz usually exists in granites, sand stones and various other igneous rocks. Quartz is made out of a continuous framework of silicon, oxygen and tetrahedra (SiO4) Hence with each part of oxygen two tetrahedra is shared in order to give the overall formula. (Deer et. al, 1966)

Quartz crystals have been appreciated as symbols of magnificence, health, and often power throughout ages. The latter is sometimes referred to as key to the rise and fall of the mythical civilization of Atlantis. Recently, crystals of quartz are now linked with application and with New Age circles to consideration, health, and growth of person. Quartz crystals found in many natural types such as, amethyst, smoky, citrine, rose, and clear are among most common ones. Natural quartz is comprises of silicon dioxide molecules.

Regular arrangement of atoms make the natural crystal, quartz crystal looks like a matrix of very beautiful lattes structures under the microscope. When electricity is put into a quartz crystal their atoms, move ...
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