Ethel's Chocolate Lounge

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Ethel's Chocolate Lounge

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Ethel's Chocolate Lounge


The case study of Ethel's Chocolate Lounge describes and goes into detail how many of the finer chocolates that originated in London were desired by many Americans. Due to lack of money and resources, they were innovative and decided to do the chocolate bar on a larger scale to allow exposure to the masses. In recent times, the growth of the chocolate purchases for regular candy bar has stunted to a snail's speed. To contend and remain on the market, Mar's company has presented Ethel's Chocolate Lounges, created after the founder's mother name. Opening its first store in Chicago's Lincoln Park, its goal was to provide an experience eating chocolate while in an atmosphere both comfortable and luxurious, yet a little more affordable than some of its immediate competition. The prices are not for everyone, but will not leave you desolate after the purchase of a few chocolates with a complementary drink (Ethel's chocolate lounge—The Perfect Place for Chocolatiers to Hang Out).

The Type of Consumer Buying Decision that Best Describes the Choice to Indulge at Ethel's

The customer that this will appeal to will be a mix. Most will use a limited decision making process when choosing to purchase here. From the college student looking for a place to meet friends to catch up, the professional looking to have a short meeting with a colleague, or even a group of girl friends making a stop after enjoying a great movie night. These types of consumers may be price conscious, but they are also chocolate lovers willing to pay a little more for atmosphere to go with their decedent treat. They are along the same lines of the coffee drinkers.

Factors that Influence a Consumer to Spend Money and Time at Ethel's

There are several ...
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