“ethel's Chocolate Lounge”

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“Ethel's Chocolate Lounge”

“Ethel's Chocolate Lounge”

“Ethel's Chocolate Lounge”, the idea sounds very unique and trendy, a chocolate café. I am not personally a big fan of chocolate; a basic Reese Cup would satisfy me, however, after reading over the Case Study and the marketing strategies used to appeal to the “hip and chic”, I would like to take a peek inside “a candy store for adults” as it's referenced. I am all for keeping up on what's the new trend. In this paper I will analyze more in detail what consumer buying decisions would best describe the choice to indulge at Ethel's, factors that would influence a consumer to visit Ethel's, what factor would motivate consumer's, and the needs the Ethel's experience appeals to the most.

Consumer Buying Decision

After reading over the case study, “Ethel's Chocolate Lounge, I believe the type of consumer buying decision that one would use to indulge in Ethel's would be the Routine Response Behavior. I chose this decision process because most consumers have had previous experience with eating chocolate, especially the Godiva and Hershey brands, but may be unfamiliar with Ethel's Chocolates.

Factors Influencing Consumer Buying

The factors that influence a consumer to spend money and time at Ethel's café can include cultural, social, and psychological factors.

Cultural factors would be the “social class”. Ethel's Café seems to identify with both middle and upper class community. Considering the prices of the chocolate which ranges from $1.50 a piece to a box for $42 it's neither to expensive or too low. The ambiance as described seems to mimic “tea time” often done in the upper class households, but not to “fancy” were it could deter those in the middle class community as being too “stuffy”. Ethel's seem to have more of a neutral and relaxing feeling.

The social ...
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