Ethel's Chocolate Lounges

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Ethel's Chocolate Lounges


The case study has different aspects Ethel's Chocolate Lounge. The case evaluated the customer, price, marketing, and behavior in the society. The case has identified needs of customers that are significant for the customer satisfaction and retention. Ethel chocolate lounge has adopted the strategy for consumer's attraction. They linked their chocolates with the customer's personality and satisfaction. The case has identified the unethical practice in the Ethel's lounge. The lounge decreases the prices to attract the mass customers, and after sometime, it increased the price of the product and made it premium product. Now the elite class can only enjoy the sitting at Ethel's chocolate lounge.

Ethel's consumer buying decision

The core idea of any company is to satisfy the customer with its product. The customer want equal or more benefit from the product they purchase. The customer usually analyzes cost and benefit before and after purchasing any product. The regular visitors of Ethel's Chocolate Lounge are people who ranked in upper socio economic class. Initially, Ethel's chocolate brand it self for the mass market. Now, the lounge is only for the elite people who can spend on luxurious sittings.

The consumers for the chocolate lounge can be divided into socio economic classes. The customer is only from the elite class and can spend from his pocket for luxurious goods. Sitting in an Ethel's chocolate lounge will give personal satisfaction to the consumer. People who has need for self esteem will go their, but the people who are still fighting for physical and security need will not be able to go for the lounge. The consumer will decide to buy the product if have a sufficient amount of money or have need for self esteem satisfaction (Lamb, Hair, McDaniel, 2008).

Factors that influence consumer to purchase and spend time at Ethel's chocolate lounge

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