Ethical, Integral, And Faithful Lesson Integration With Management

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Ethical, integral, and Faithful lesson Integration with Management


Ethics termed as behavior or custom, principles or patterns of human behavior, and often improperly called morals or custom and by extension, the study of these principles sometimes called moral philosophy. This article deals with ethics especially in the latter sense and specific to the field of Western civilization, but every culture has developed its own ethics.

Ethics as a branch of philosophy is considered a normative science because it deals with the rules of human conduct, and to distinguish themselves from the formal sciences like mathematics and logic, and empirical science, as chemistry and physics. Moreover, ethics is philosophical doctrine, which is the subject of morality, and the central problem the Good and Evil. Ethics answers the question correctly as they should live (Miller, 123-155).

However, when a person thinks so he gets to know that life in accordance with our higher consciousness and personal integrity requires courage. In a society where values ??are lost and distrust grows, integrity is a daunting challenge in business, family, state and society in general. The word integrity means righteousness, goodness, honesty, blamelessness, someone you can trust, without strange mix that means what it says: what he said when a promise is intended to comply (Miller, 123-155).

Moreover, to have faith is to accept the word of another, understanding and trusting that is honest and therefore his word is true. The root cause of all faith is the authority (the right to be believed) of him who believes. This recognition of authority occurs when one accepts that he or she has knowledge of what it says and has integrity so as not to deceive. Moreover, faith is like having inner believes to some integral point and following the major life experiences according to them. However, when there are scenarios when it requires important decision making than it is highly apprehended to value the faith that the person have within them.


When we look from the principle of management perspective it is highly agreeable that all the three notions ethics, integrity, and faith play an effective role in the life of managers. Management is a field which is very wide and requires technical aspects that will provide success. However, when we look into the account as success factors of management it is important to put in ethics, integrity and faith with the management procedure. Thus, main lesson I learned is too consistent and management requires of consistency as an important tool for success.

The notion regarding consistency is straightforward as we are situated in an era in which people tend for the desire to have instant satisfaction at maximum occasions. However, every person is looking for outcomes in most efficient ways. However, at times it is possible and people get the quick results, but in reality for lasting achievement there is a requirement for a continued and consistent effort. It would be correct to point out that we can follow a diet for the day, but following the correct diet with consistency ...
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