Ethics And Supply Chain Management

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Ethics and Supply Chain Management

Ethics and Supply Chain Management

Introduction to Ethics

For centuries or since the inception of Earth and mankind, people have been born or at least compelled to follow ethics, thereby making it a crucial form of life. Be it be people coming from royal dynasties like the Yang Dynasty prevalent in China or the people belonging to the Roman Empire, all have looked to the values and norms in ethical conduct and paved way for the application and implementation of ethics in their respected lives. The discipline has lead to us to make significant differences and aid us in identifying methods of conducting proper and effective business practices in today's modern world, benefiting the maximum accounts of people (Utilitarian concept) or simply becoming a paragon of excellence in terms of adopting values, norms and customs as part of the business environment (Immanuel Kant).

Business Ethics has been a frequently practiced notion that has been and is flourishing with the passage of time all over the world. As people become more aware of one another's background and current standing, along with the importance of divine values and norms that have been often practiced around the world, we see that primitive methods of dealing with individuals, such as bureaucracy and autocratic rule around the organization now have become outdated. These days, individual employees and the people working on the presidential and executive level work hand in hand to achieve their target, goals and existence and create rapport among all individuals around the organization (Ellis, 2007).

In this paper, our basic focus shall be to understand and comprehend the kind of work that has been undertaken for the purpose and objective of viewing and identifying ethics and supply chain. With our major analysis on both vastly different concepts, we shall seek to ...
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