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The major reason of this paper is to make a consideration on the case of Jeremy Hart who was engaged as a programs technician by Citadel Systems, Inc. (Citadel), a premier programs and database submissions developer. His colleagues and supervisor advised him one of the brightest and most insightful workers employed with database applications(Jonathan 2009). For the past some years, he was a constituent of a study group conceiving a complicated new database administration system. In the course of construction and perfecting its database administration devices, Citadel evolved exclusive protocols to explain a kind of mechanical problems. These protocols were not broadly renowned or effortlessly observable by Citadel's clients and competitors. Late last year, gossip started circulating inside the programs conceive commerce that the group was nearing culmination of a beta type of the system.



Following ideas can be directed in this case study.


The Labour Theory of Property

This idea can be directed in this case study as this idea states that It is amazing that the human research of “Economics” has not been adept to find or identify any basic distinction between the activities of human beings (i.e., “labor”) and the services of things. Attempts by economists to identify the “peculiarities” of work have been noticeably barren. For example, Alfred Marshall [1920, Chapter IV and V of Bk. VI] documented several peculiarities:

1. employees may not be acquired and sold; only leased or hired,

2. the trader should consign the service himself,

3. work is perishable,

4. labor-owners are often at a bargaining handicap, and

5. focused work needs long groundwork time.

Professor Samuelson has furthermore identified the first peculiarity.

    Since slavery was eradicated, human making power is forbidden by regulation to be capitalized. A man is not even free to deal himself; he should lease himself at a wage. [1976, 52 (emphasis in the original)]

Instead of being an attribute of work itself, Marshall and Samuelson only give and fact about present-day lawful institutions; it did not contain a 100 years and a quarter before [see Philmore 2002]. Neither Marshall neither Samuelson offer any rudimentary institution-free differentiation of work from appliance services which would account for why the services of an individual may not (now) be traded all at once. Quite to the opposing, the (first) “fundamental theorem of welfare economics,” the theorem that a comparable equilibrium is electively effective (“Pareto optimal”), should suppose away the first peculiarity by presupposing that work can be traded all at once. Complete future markets should be presumed for all products to yield the optimality of comparable equilibrium, and “labor is a commodity.”

    Now it is time to state the situation under which personal house and free agreement will lead to an optimal share of resources…. The organisation of personal house and free agreement as we understand it is changed to allow persons to deal or mortgage their individuals in come back for present and/or future benefits. (Seiriol 2009).

Far from supplying any investigation or rationale for Marshall's first peculiarity of work, up to ...
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