Evaluation Of American Nurses Association

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American Nurses Association

Evaluation of American Nurses Association


ANA website has the information about the only full-service professional organization representing the interests of 3.1 million registered nurses in the nation through its constituent member nurses associations and their members of the organization. The ANA advances the nursing profession by fostering high standards of nursing practice, promoting the rights of nurses in the workplace, projecting a positive and realistic image of nursing, and lobbying Congress and agencies health care regulatory issues affecting nurses and the public.

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HON criteria for evaluation of the website


The site provide important information about the nursing industry. ANA itself is responsible for the operation of the website and all the contents are managed by their web development department.


On the website a statement declaring that information provided on the site is meant to complement and not replace any advice or information from a health professional is clearly provided.


My Privacy/Confidentiality Policy regarding e-mail addresses, personal and medical information is displayed on the website.


All the modification dates are provided in the site. But there is no reference regarding the source from which the site is developed.


The site make claims relating to the benefit or performance of a specific medical treatment, commercial product or service.


The site has valid email address for the webmaster or a link to a valid contact form is easily accessible throughout the site

Financial disclosure

The source of the funding of American nursing association web site is clearly described .

Advertising policy

The site displays advertising that, is a source of income. They advertise about the nursing jobs., insurance and health related equipments. E.t.c.


These attributes are addressed in the website. The website provide a clear instruction on every attribute. They have explained everything in detail on their website.

Discussion and analysis

Web site Services of American Nurses Association

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American Nurses Association, Inc. is conscious of satisfying its employees' professional and personal growth and provides excellent career opportunities for its employees.

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Nursing practice tab

In order to continue to provide excellent quality care, American Nurses Association, Inc. conducts ongoing patient satisfaction surveys. The results of these surveys are compared to home health patient satisfaction surveys across the country.(Phoenix, 2001)

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