Evaluation Of Hrm Strategies

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Evaluation of HRM strategies

[Name of the institute]Evaluation of HRM strategies


The world in which we live today is moving at a fast and rapid pace. In this rapidly changing world the only thing that can be considered as constant is change. This rapid change, technological advancements and developments cause their impacts on various operations of the business. Where a number of aspects are getting affected by these changes and updates then the department and operation related to human resource is not an exception. Multiple changes in the ways in which organization used to conduct their business are also changing the policies and strategies of human resource department. The aim and objective of this paper is also to talk about the impact and evaluation of human resource strategies in an organization.

Chosen Organization

As mentioned above that the purpose of this paper is to undertake discussion about the human resource strategies and how these strategies are being affected by changes that are taking place in the environment. So, the organization that is elected for this is McDonalds.

Nature of the Chosen Organization

The success story of McDonalds starts with Ray Korc story when he sold milk shake mixer that could shake five milk shakes simultaneously to a restaurant in California that was more of a hamburger stand. McDonald brothers ran this stand with the idea of quality, service, cleanliness and value or affordable prices. The same Q, S, C & V eventually became McDonald's mantra when Ray Kroc opened first franchise in 1955. Ray Kroc made note of social and demographic trends. With an increase in disposable income and women workforce also swelling, the concept of a fast-food restaurant that offered quality food at an affordable price caught on with people. Kroc emphasized on the casual family atmosphere where people can enjoy their meals in a clean environment coupled with fast and exceptional service. With these social factors and strategies in mind McDonald's success became phenomenal.

There is a dress code of the McDonalds. McDonalds asks its employees to wear a uniform shirt, a hat and a tag of name. Employees are supposed to wear this uniform all the time while working in the restaurant. This policy of uniforms indicates the cultural values of equality, cleanliness and reflective (Payne, 2005).

On the successful completion, of the tasks employees receive certain points. On the basis, of these points performance of each employee is evaluated. This evaluation system reflects cultural values of fairness and appreciation of better performance (Barboza, 2001, 16).

Market and Global Position of Organization

The cultures in the age of globalization now cross each other's path. Globalization has brought the cultures together where they take influence from each other. McDonalds is one of the most robust brand names renowned all over the world. Any part of the globe one trots and one will find some McDonalds outlet in some nook and cranny (Galeota, 2004, 57). McDonalds not just became a phenomenon success in the United States but its franchise operations spread all ...
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