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Excel for Information Professionals

Excel for Information Professionals


Information professional is a person who arranges and propagates information depending on their individual skills to facilitate and contribute in the recovery of the documented or confidential information; their work description varies with the increasing trend of changing technology. Information is distributed in the segments and professionals are hired to handle the defeat and repossession of the records. The information professionals are both (skilled and knowledge) workers these people are the main key to the success for any organization so the employer's should trust them in order to give them autonomy to share the knowledge and their skills in an internal environment of the organization, information management cannot be managed by an individual, it requires a group of people who interact and maximizes the opportunities for an organization in a result of their collaborative skills and knowledge (Ryske and Sebastian 2000). These knowledgeable people works according to the client's specified demand whether they are asked to work in the field of science and technology or libraries retrievals (Association of Independent information professionals, LA).

It has been suggested that information professionals use their extraordinary knowledge to provide the right information, on the right time, from the right source, to the right client, in order to facilitate the most appropriate and acceptable processes. They identify the most suitable process of technological knowledge, an information professional is known because of his or her capabilities and his response to the critical circumstances. His distinctive capabilities add the value and differ them among others, they are also known due to the best knowledge they have about the Management Information Systems (MIS). The basic necessity to blend with profession that is called information professionals, they have certain responsibilities to perform in order to facilitate the requirements of the clients and employers. They are reputed for their objectives and motives. They consider the challenging issues and provide the best solutions about the concerned issue on the basis of their exceptional skills and knowledge. Out of the various methods to distinguish a professional and non professional there are 2 major perspective that matters in evaluating whether an individual is a professional or not: (1) an individual hold complete knowledge about his work, and (2) how he uses this knowledge to provide services to his clients or his employer, responding to the complexity, flexibility, uncertain change in technology and diversity makes an individual a professional (Richard O, Mason, 1990).


Data Mining

In today's world “Data Mining” is often known as the art of extracting valuable information from the outsized quantity of the diverse data, the data mining techniques are useful for the professionals to make suitable decision and accurate predictions for their enterprises, information professionals uses their quantitative and qualitative knowledge to serve their organization in order to provide the relevant optimization that is required. Since past few years the business world of “Information Technology” found out several approaches to handle the database supported with computer science technology and statistical perspective for data mining but professional ...
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