Expenditures And Revenues Matrix

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Expenditures and Revenues Matrix

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Expenditures and Revenues Matrix

Expenditures and Revenues Matrix

State: ___New York________________

City or County: ______New York City______________




Expenditure Item 1




Expenditure Item 2

Social Security



Expenditure Item 3

Veterans benefits


Other salaries

Revenue Item 1




Revenue Item 2

Social insurance



Revenue Item 3




Major Role

Providing defense

Providing hospitals

Providing fire services

Providing social welfare

Providing policing

Providing education

Providing veteran benefits

Providing education

Local administration

Government revenue sources

Major sources of government revenues include the taxes, social insurance, and fees. Taxes come in all shapes and forms and are the largest source of government's revenues. These include income, corporate income, sales, withholding, excise, property, capital gains, inheritance and gift, utility, gasoline, liquor, and cigarette taxes. The largest source of income from the government is the income tax. Other taxes including sales, excise, and other taxes comprise less than 20% of the government's revenues. These taxes go into the general fund of the government maintained by the Federal Reserve System. Then, the government also gets revenues in the form of social insurance. These are elective payments that are made by individuals toward their social security. The government puts these payments into several pension and welfare funds. The third source of income for the government is through various fees. These fees come from the different services that the government provides to its citizens. These include things like building permits, concessions, and fines for speeding, and the like. The money from the fees also goes into the general revenues fund being maintained by the Federal Reserve System (Welch & Welch, 2010).

Informed financial decisions

It is very important for all finance managers to make only the informed decisions. This implies that the finance managers consider and take into account all of the relevant information available to them. If the investors in a market will not make informed decisions, then they will incur losses. The investors require that all information be available to them. This ...
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