Expressing Yourself Through Music

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Expressing Yourself Through Music (Gospel, Jazz and Rap Music)


Music is a central part of the lifestyle in most traditional cultures. Beginning with ancient African civilizations, music was considered sacred. The sacredness of music remains a key concept in traditional societies today. Therefore, this study will explain how people in our society are expressing and expressed themselves through music.

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Expression of Music in Culture14



What does it mean to express yourself?30


What does it mean for you?32




Chapter 1


Music is without any doubt, the most powerful tool used to express your feeling. It does not judge or discriminate anyone, and everyone, young or old has their own particular and unique piece. This, of course, is music, in general, singing or playing an instrument which might be the greatest creation known to man until today. Throughout the years and generations music has become the most important part of society everywhere in the world as people use it to express themselves. Why can we say that? When we listen to the very eclectic and contrasting genres of music we have today, each different type of genre conveys different meanings. Jazz is associated with relaxation, the blues with sorrow. Whatever instrument it may be, your voice, or the sound of a piano you are playing, you are expressing yourself.

When I was younger I used to be very shy, and a counsellor told my mother that she needed to find something that would make me open up and express myself, “music or theatre”. I joined a choir and since then I have started opening up and sometimes people need to ask me to keep quiet. Singing released the tension that I was carrying around with me. I think that being able to express what I felt through song helped me considerably. This is the reason why I have chosen this topic for my dissertation. I can relate to the subject and reflect upon it, because it is something that follows me everywhere and at all time. Music has drastically changed me, maybe even changed my life. It is part of what I am today. It is always there when I need it and it is something I can be passionate about. It has given me meaning and hope for my future. While at the same time, still letting me be myself. And my choir especially has helped greatly in my life, by giving me the opportunity to be myself.

Music can help prevent feelings from bursting out in situations or ways that are embarrassing and inappropriate. This happens when people get out of touch with their feelings, something that music can help solve. Everyone needs some time to themselves to reflect on their feelings, which can easily be done while listening to music. Being able to express how you feel through music may help you make better decisions about what is right for you now. However a lot of people can argue that music is not the best ...
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